Pastor, Master Trainer

& Sports Nutritionist 

Carl is a licensed and ordained minister who is passionate about training Gods people to be FIT, with love.

Carl Cormier is a certified Master Trainer & Sports Nutritionist.  Carl is the founder of both FITChurch Fitness & FITChurch World, a complete movement to train the body of Christ to be FIT!  Carl’s passion for bettering himself and those around him came after a long personal battle against obesity.  In just 9 months Carl lost over 100 pounds and has consistently kept it off for more than 18 years.


In high school Carl excelled in sports and was a Champion Power Lifter and an All-District Football player.  He also participated in other sports such as basketball, track, and baseball.  After high school, he went on to receive a Football Scholarship to the University of Texas at El Paso where he played the position of Defensive End.


In the late 90's, Carl worked at a national fitness franchise as a program director.  One day while sitting in his office Carl had a vision of something that looked like a sewer pipe.  It was dark inside and filled with muck and sewage.  Carl prayed and The Lord revealed that this was how His people were taking care of His temple (their bodies) and that it grieved Him greatly.  Carl answered the call of God and became a trainer.  He enjoyed great success as one of the franchises' top trainers in the nation.  In 2002 Carl left the national fitness franchise and together with his wife, Jerri Cormier, founded FITChurch.

He has trained people at various ministries including Calvary Christian Fellowship, The Secret Place, Berean Tabernacle Baptist Church, Grace Community Church and The Lighthouse.  He also trains at various parks, community centers, apartments, fitness centers and even in clients homes and businesses.  He trains people in the areas of nutrition, weight loss, health, and fitness to help them become the very best version of themselves possible.



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