Jerri Cormier

Jerri is our very first Financial & FitnessTrainer on staff!  She is an ACE Certified Finance Specialist and is also certified in Personal Training & Sports Nutrition.  She has been in the Finance Industry for over 26 years and now uses her extensive experience to help people transform their finances into a FIT Financial Future!  

Jerri’s passion for finance comes from her own battle with past financial woes.  She has dealt with all areas including credit, budgeting, and not understanding how to invest and set up for her and her family’s future just to name a few.  She realized long ago that this teaching is missing not only from most educational institutions but home training as well.  Jerri now teaches people how money works and how to get FIT in your finances! 

Jerri is not only experienced in finance; she also has experience as an athlete.  Jerri competed in both basketball and track in school, however, track was her favorite.  She competed at a high level in the mile relay.  Jerri also competed in the Figure Division of Bodybuilding for two years.  It was at that time that she realized that our bodies are capable of much more than we realize!  At one point in her training, Jerri worked out with weight up to 690 pounds on the leg press for up 12 reps, 170 pounds on the shoulder press up to 7 reps, 125 pounds on the chest press up to 7 reps and 265 pounds on squats up to 7 reps. 

Jerri has been certified in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition since 2005.  She has helped create Nutrition Plans for toddlers on up to senior citizens.  She has performed personal training, boot camp workouts and wellness programs for businesses. 

In general, Jerri loves helping people transform their lives!  Currently, she assists with the Nutrition Plans and FIT Meals as well as teaches Finance in the form of classes and seminars, which are free of charge.  For more information please contact us or contact Jerri directly at        

Soraida Rodriguez

Soraida grew up in a family and town of athletes and farmers.  Her mother cooked Mexican food the “healthy way”.  Her grandparents actually had the biggest garden in the city.  Her town lived off of the produce that they farmed and animals they raised for food.

In middle school Soraida had girls come to her for advice on gaining the muscular figure that she had.  Her answer at the time was, “I drink lots of milk!"  In high school Soraida competed in track, cross country and weightlifting.  Through her training for track, Soraida was healed from asthma and ended up winning first place in the 100 meter relay, 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash.  
Soraida's interest in nutrition grew as she studied about the healing properties of foods.  She loved experimenting with foods regarding weight loss and the results that can be accomplished.

Soraida has a variety of experience, including martial arts, Krav Maga, Japanese self-defense and Jujitsu Chokes.  She is also a licensed massage therapist and reflexologist.  She has a passion for doing beauty transformations, seeing lives transformed from the inside out and helping them achieve their goals.  She offer hairstyles, haircuts, waxing, makeovers, makeup application, massages, facials, etc.

Estella R. Taylor

Estella is the youngest of 11. She grew up in a family where it wasn’t normal for women to play sports. Despite that norm, Estella decided to play sports when she was in middle school; where she became the first girl in her family to play team sports. She played throughout the rest of her school years, winning awards like MVP, First-All Team, as well as numerous Academic awards.

Estella was introduced to Master Trainer Carl summer of 2016. She was always very dedicated to her workouts and nutrition and was amazed at how much her body transformed in such a short amount of time. Carl began allowing Estella to demonstrate exercises to his clients and assist him in personal training from time to time. Soon after, she officially became his assistant. She learned by observing how Carl trained others and quickly realized that it wasn’t like any other trainers she had ever seen.


Estella went from someone who decided to change her life, to someone who now helps people change theirs. She loves hearing the client’s good news and she truly believes this is only the beginning of an amazing and beautiful journey in fitness! 


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